technology development.

good machineries means nothing without good operators, good operators means much less without good machineries.

We could never stop re-inventing ourselves through equipment modernization program and continuous training of our personnel. For us, training is a life-long learning experience and modernization of equipment is vital to keep us up-to-date with current technologies. Both are inevitable and absolute necessities to sustain our leading position in the market and always be the best of the pack.

Technology development has helped humankind achieve whatever deemed impossible before to possible today. Advancement in heat treatment and metallurgical technologies has made it possible for us to create stronger steel while maintaining its ductility property which is key to its resistance to earthquake. BJTS-50 HR rebar steel grade has become the most cost effective solution for builders without compromise in safety, and it has been widely used and approved in most earthquake-prone region around the world such as Italy, Greece, Mexico, Iran and many more.

The equivalent grade of BJTS-50 HR has been adopted as a standard rebar grade all around the world, including EU countries and most countries in Asian, African and American continents. As Indonesia is situated in one of the world's most seismically active region due to its close proximity to the fault zone of tectonic plates, therefore it makes sense to choose the high strength seismic resistant steel to build safe as well as save cost.


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