environment awareness.

Environment Awareness

The Master Steel Company advocates energy efficiency. Campaigns directed in all our plants highlight the importance of utilizing fossil fuel as efficient as possible, from the natural gas used in our burners to the diesel we used in our motorized heavy equipments. Even electricity that we use to melt steel and to power up our plants comes mostly from coal and natural gas fed power plant. Better fuel efficiency can be achieved by investing in better equipment, control, and awareness of the whole team.

We invested heavily to minimize dust and noise from our meltshop by putting a doghouse enclosure coupled with automated dust collection system. We have also invested a great deal amount in water treatment plants to conserve and effectively reuse water that we consume in the meltshops and rolling mills.

In our continuous campaign of "Going GREEN-er," The Master Steel Company realizes that every person, organization and country leave significant carbon footprint that are detrimental to our fragile environment. CO2 emission has been on the rise with global warming becoming more apparent than ever.

We are continuously working to cut down CO2 emission, with the future of the earth and its inhabitants in mind. It takes wholehearted efforts from the whole population, from the smallest to the biggest company, from the bottom level crew to the top level directors, from one individual to a whole nation to cope with this global problem. At The Master Steel Company, our pursuit of perfection encompasses this global crusade for a greener world for the sake of future generations to come.
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